Transitioning Your Home From Summer To Fall

As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to embrace the cozy and inviting atmosphere of fall within your home. Transitioning your home from the summer heat to the comfort of fall is a delightful task, and the Pineapple Girls are here to guide you through it! So, let’s dive into the world of fall-inspired interior design and discover how you can create an inviting, cozy atmosphere for the upcoming season.

Warm Colors & Textures

Firstly, let’s start with one of the most effective ways to transition your home from summer to fall. By introducing warm colors and textures into your decor. Rich, earthy tones like rattan, burnt oranges, and gold and brass instantly evoke a sense of autumn. Displayed below are our exquisite decor pieces, including a Set of 3 Rattan Fill Balls, an Orange Scalloped Tray, and a Gold Knot Sculpture.

If you have your sights set on refreshing your furniture collection, we highly recommend exploring our latest additions! Our array of new benches, chairs, and cabinets promises to elevate your style this fall and throughout the entire year. Among our notable new arrivals is the Anisa Storage Bench in natural oak, crafted with charming rattan cane panels. Additionally, we have the Tegal Rattan Chair, available in both Natural and Navy and also offered in a bench style, and our stunning Santos Sea Sand Cabinet.

Anisa Storage Bench
Tegal Rattan Chair – Navy
Santos Sea Sand Cabinet


Next, let’s talk about layering. Layering throws is a key technique to make your home feel warm and welcoming during the fall season. Our Countryside Comfort Green Throws are a perfect addition to your layering strategy. Available in Herringbone or Lattice patterns, these throws provide warmth and add visual texture to your sofa, chair, or bed.

Additionally, the Gray Stripe Tassel Throw and White Tassel Throw are ideal for cozy nights or draping over a sofa. They are hand-loomed, which means slight variations in weaving and color are inherent to the beauty of their handmade quality.

Candles & Lighting

As the days get shorter, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with lighting becomes crucial. Swap out bright, cool-toned bulbs for warmer, softer ones. Enhance the ambiance by incorporating candles in various sizes and shapes. Our Baobab Odyssée Ulysse Scented Candle offers an enticing mix of cedar tree and lavender scent making it a great choice for fall. Alternatively, our NEST New York Rattan candles & diffusers are a popular option all year-round. You can also consider placing your favorite candles in decorative holders or lanterns to add an extra layer of style to your space.

Updated Table Settings

Updating your table settings is another fantastic way to usher in the fall season. Swap out your summer-themed dinnerware for ones that feature fall motifs or colors. Consider neutral-toned dishes and rustic placemats to instantly transform your dining area. Shown below are our Chambray Blue Large Scallop Placemats and Calaisio Woven White Bead Placemats and Napkin Rings – all sold in a set of 4.

Fireplace & Mantel Decor

Finally, if you’re fortunate to have a fireplace, elevate it as the centerpiece of your autumn decor. Create an inviting focal point by combining fall florals and pumpkins with carefully chosen decorative items like photo frames, trays, or stylish accessories. Utilize the available space adjacent to the fireplace with tasteful baskets. And, finally, light a snug fire to fully immerse yourself in the cozy embrace of fall!

Palecek Kenis Braided Rectangular Tray
Davao Baskets – Set of 3

Transitioning your home from summer to fall involves infusing your space with warm colors and cozy textures. With the right elements and a touch of creativity, you can create an atmosphere that welcomes the autumn season! So, embrace the beauty of fall, and let your interior design reflect the warmth and comfort of this enchanting season.  

To explore more furniture and decor options, visit us in person at our Jupiter, FL store, or shop our entire online collection at

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Art For Every Room

Art For Every Room

Photo: Brantley Photography

At The Pineapple Girls, we love helping you find unique and beautiful pieces to fill your home. This includes the perfect artwork to adorn the walls of your home. From our collection of coastal-inspired art to soft watercolors and captivating abstract paintings, we have options for every area of your home. Join us as we look through our favorite art choices for each room, turning your spaces into captivating works of art!


Let’s start with the entryway, as it’s the first place guests will see when they’re welcomed into your home. Perfect for this space is our newest arrival, the Royal Palm. A visual celebration of one of the most loved images in the world: the Palm Tree! Printed on fine art acid-free paper and framed in an acrylic box, the Royal Palm can be custom-colored to match your home design! We also adore the Watercolor Memory pairings for a bright and inviting look as soon as you walk in.

Royal Palm


Next on our list is the living room. Many living rooms have large walls just waiting to be filled with art! Consider pairing two complementary pieces such as our popular Concord I & Concord II. Alternatively, opt for a touch of nature with Frog Palace I & Frog Palace II. You can also embrace the abstract with our Seagrass Abstract pairings or Swimming Lessons pairings (as shown in the cover photo).

For captivating pieces that can stand out on their own, we recommend Drift Wood a framed Giclee on matte paper, or Divinity Art, both beautiful options ready to be the centerpiece in your home. If you didn’t know, the majority of our artwork can actually be custom sized to fit your space perfectly!

Drift Wood
Divinity Art


Dining rooms offer a versatile canvas for artistic expression, and the style you choose can define the ambiance of your meals. We love the use of botanicals to add a touch of nature and freshness, as seen in our blog: Mountain Dining Reno.

Swedish Botanicals (As Seen In “Mountain Dining Reno”)

However, for a coastal and bright dining space, consider options like On The Horizon a deep blue canvas seascape, or the captivating photographs by Slim Aarons. His mission was to photograph “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” and we are pleased to offer “Sea Drive 1967” and “Monte Carlo 1975.”

the bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and tranquility, and the art you choose can greatly impact your sense of peace. Artwork like our framed Double Snaps brings a serene vibe to your sleeping space. While one of our other favorites is the Gyotaku Fish Prints. Available in a variety of sizes and printed on different color linens, each piece is one of a kind, hand-painted from real fish. These add a unique touch of natural beauty to your bedroom decor.


Lastly, let’s look at art for a home office. For an office or workspace, choose art that’s inspiring and motivating, setting the tone for productive workdays. Poolside II is a bright and uplifting option that will infuse your office with sunshine and positivity. For a contrasting piece, we recommend Vintage Surf Wagon. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with an abstract masterpiece like Cool Burst I or II to channel your creativity.

Transforming your home with art has never been more exciting! Let your walls tell a story, and infuse your living spaces with the charm and character that only exquisite artwork can bring. To explore more artwork options, visit us in person at our Jupiter, FL store, or shop our entire online collection of art at

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Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to give your home a refreshing makeover that reflects the vibrant energy of the season. Several exciting summer interior design trends have emerged in recent years. Join us as we explore the top trends that the Pineapple Girls adore, and discover how to incorporate them into your home this summer.


Bringing the outdoors inside has become increasingly popular, and natural materials play a key role in achieving this aesthetic. Choose furniture crafted from organic materials like jute or rattan which infuse your spaces with an inviting and earthy charm. The Sea Cliff Arm Chair (shown below) is made from rattan hand-bent into a leaflike motif. Sitting beside it is one of our gourd baskets, handwoven in Zimbabwe from indigenous grasses.

2. bold colors

Summer is the season of vibrant hues, and incorporating bold colors into your interior design can instantly uplift your home’s ambiance. Experiment with shades of sunshine yellow, vibrant orange, playful pink, and refreshing green. Add these colors with eye-catching decorative accessories, tabletop, or throw pillows for a lively and invigorating touch to your space.

Discover a captivating array of vibrant decor with our collection of Gray Malin products. Also showcased below is our eye-catching Lente dinnerware and Pink Chevron Pillow from Studio Akina.

3. tropical and floral prints

Capture the essence of summer by adorning your walls with tropical and floral prints. These bold and colorful motifs instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. Embrace palm leaves, exotic flowers, and botanical (shown right) patterns to create a statement piece in your space. The result will be an atmosphere that exudes the spirit of summer.

Shown left is the Royal Palm printed on fine art acid-free paper and framed in an acrylic box. One of the most appealing aspects of this art is its versatility in terms of color customization, allowing you to perfectly match it with your home’s aesthetic.

Royal Palm Art
Swedish Botanicals

4. light and airy fabrics

When the temperatures rise, it’s essential to create a cool and comfortable oasis within your home. Opt for light and airy fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk for your bedding and throws. These materials ensure a refreshing and tranquil ambiance throughout your space. Both 100% cotton, shown below is our new Countryside Comfort Green Throw in 2 distinct patterns and our best-selling Sahati Throw, patiently hand-stitched.

5. pastels

For those who prefer a softer approach, pastel shades are also trending and provide a calm and soothing atmosphere during the summer months. Explore colors like mint green, baby blue, and blush pink to infuse your spaces with tranquility and serenity. Incorporate these shades through decorative accents or even in your choice of furniture. This will create a serene summer retreat within your home. The Hannah Blue Wave table lamp (shown left) is the perfect touch.

6. outdoor inspired decor

Finally, to truly immerse yourself in the summer spirit, consider incorporating outdoor-inspired decor elements into your interior design. Blend the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living by adding potted plants or faux florals, such as our faux coconut bunch, that evoke the feeling of a cozy patio or garden. You can even consider introducing patio furniture to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

As summer sets the stage for warmer days and time well spent with loved ones, incorporating these interior design trends will help you create a space that radiates the joy and beauty of the season. Whether you choose natural materials, vibrant colors, or tropical prints, let your imagination run wild as you infuse your home with the essence of summer. Shop more summer finds at our store in Jupiter, FL or online at

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5 Bathroom Design Ideas

5 Bathroom Design Ideas

Spring is in full bloom and with everything fresh and new, the season may have you longing for new design in your home. A favorite room to freshen up with new design is the bathroom. Join us as we look through 5 Bathroom Designs by The Pineapple Girls that will have you ready to breathe new life into your guest or main bathroom.

We’ll take a close look at all the exceptional details that make each design truly unique. From the captivating mirrors that reflect both functionality and beauty, to the elegant sconces that provide the perfect lighting ambiance, and the carefully chosen wallpaper that adds a touch of personality and charm, we’re here to guide you through every aspect of these inspiring bathrooms.


Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Versailles Wall Mirror

Wallpaper: “Pomegranate” by Galbraith & Paul

Step into luxury with this exquisite powder room design that effortlessly blends classic elegance with a contemporary twist. For the focal point of this captivating space, we chose the magnificent Versailles Wall Mirror. This non-beveled, hand-welded iron mirror commands attention with its distressed gold leaf finish. As you gaze upon your reflection in the mirror, you can’t help but notice how it beautifully pops against the backdrop of Galbraith & Paul‘s stunning pomegranate wallpaper.

2. tranquil oasis

Photo: Brantley Photography

Sconce: Coastal Living Bimini Sconce

Wallpaper: “Pass-A-Grille” by Thibaut Design

Create a tranquil oasis with this refreshing green and white bathroom design. The crisp white vanity serves as the perfect canvas for the mesmerizing Pass-a-Grille wallpaper by Thibaut Design. However, our favorite detail is the addition of the chic Coastal Living Bimini Sconce. With its natural woven rattan, the sconce effortlessly captures a “washed ashore” aesthetic. The looped detailing adds a nautical touch, reminiscent of rope found on a sailboat, while the natural linen shade provides a soft and inviting glow.

3. coastal blues

Mirror: Arteriors’ Madden Round Mirror

Sconce: Katie Small Acorn Sconce

Wallpaper: Cabana Stripe Ribbon Paper by Palm Orleans

This captivating blue powder room was designed to evoke a sense of coastal charm. Anchoring the space is the Arteriors’ Madden Round Mirror. This brilliant mirror hovers ever-so-slightly against the wall, creating an illusion of depth. Supported by two nickel brackets, the large round plain glass mirror appears almost flush with the wall, offering a seamless and streamlined look.

Complementing the mirror is the Katie Small Acorn Sconce. With its polished nickel finish and white glass, the sconce adds a touch of sophistication while providing a soft and inviting glow. To complete the ensemble, we chose the Cabana Stripe Ribbon Paper by Palm Orleans. This striking wallpaper features 2″ hand-painted brushstrokes, creating a classic stripe pattern reminiscent of a seaside retreat. The design elements in this powder room truly offer coastal ambiance.

4. feminine retreat

Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Selene Mirror

Sconce: Alberto Sconce

Next up, we offer the ultimate feminine retreat with this enchanting blush pink bathroom. With a blush vanity and a patterned pink wallpaper, this is a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. To enhance the allure, we chose the Selene Mirror, a large wall mirror distinguished by its unique quatrefoil-inspired shape and richly textured resin frame. Complementing the mirror is the matte white Alberto Sconce. With a lotus flower light socket, this sconce is the perfect elegant touch. For a charming finish to this sanctuary, we added a small light pink tulip arrangement. These 15 faux fresh tulips are permanently set in a clear acrylic “water” solution and encased in a clear rectangle vase.

5. coral cove

Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Ophelia Wall Mirror

Sconce: Nantucket Sconce

And finally, for our last bathroom design, we welcome you to the guest bathroom of the “Cove of Southern Charm” project, where coastal living meets modern sophistication. In this design, we adorned the walls with a captivating blue geometric wallpaper. To add to the coastal vibe, we selected the Nantucket Sconce, featuring an intricate handwoven rattan shade as its focal point. This unique sconce brings artisanal craftsmanship and a hint of beachy vibes, making it a perfect addition to the bathroom decor.

However, the true showstopper in this design is the Ophelia Wall Mirror. Crafted with a cast-plaster frame that mimics the organic beauty of real branch coral, this unique mirror is the star of the show with its bold and textural presence. The Ophelia Wall Mirror truly completes this guest bathroom, infusing it with coastal charm.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious powder room, a coastal retreat, or a feminine sanctuary, we hope you were inspired by these bathroom designs by Pineapples Design Group. We invite you to explore our wide selection of mirrors, light fixtures, and decor online or in person at Pineapples Palms Etc.

Let us help you transform your home into a haven of beauty and sophistication. If you’re looking for further design assistance, we offer nationwide e-design services to bring your dream spaces to life.

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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Photo: Brantley Photography

With beautiful weather and summertime right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining! Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small balcony, plenty of ways exist to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for hosting guests. At The Pineapple Girls, we believe every outdoor entertaining space should be both stylish and practical. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top outdoor entertaining essentials, from furniture to decor to dining pieces.


The right outdoor furniture can transform your space into a comfortable and inviting oasis. When choosing outdoor furniture, consider the size of your space and the number of guests you’ll be hosting. If you have a larger space, a sectional or outdoor sofa can provide ample seating. Our Cabana Collection offers style and outdoor-grade quality with its marine-grade birch wood frame & 100% acrylic Sunbrella fabric slipcover that is durable and washable.

Slipcovered Cabana Outdoor Sectional

For a smaller space, opt for chairs and a small table. Our Newport Barrel Chair is timeless and beautiful. Handwoven in UV-resistant N-dura™ resin wicker for long-lasting enjoyment! This chair pairs perfectly with the Newport Ottoman or one of our new favorites, the Devante Accent Table. This petite table is made for outdoor entertaining, handcrafted from twisted faux wicker and built to withstand varied elements and temperatures. The perfect choice for drinks on the patio or by the pool!

Newport Furniture | Photo: Brantley Photography
Devante Accent Table

2. decorative accents

Adding outdoor decor can instantly elevate your entertaining space. Think about incorporating outdoor rugs, lanterns, and throw pillows in coordinating colors and patterns. The Pineapple Girls are pleased to offer NEW outdoor pillows by John Robshaw to our in-store and online collection.

John Robshaw Outdoor Pillows

These beautiful prints are resistant to both sun and rain for long-lasting use in your outdoor space. Another great option for eye-catching designs and whimsical patterns is our Gray Malin Outdoor Pillows. For decorative accessories to style in your covered outdoor sitting area, we recommend our rattan lanterns both a part of our last-chance sale. For a functional touch, consider installing a chandelier in your space. Our designers love to use the Denison Lantern in covered patios, made from a hammered wrought-iron fixture and available in small, medium, or large.

Photos (Below): Brantley Photography

Rattan Lanterns
Denison Black Lantern Light Fixture

3. Al Fresco Feasting

When it comes to outdoor dining, it’s important to have the right pieces for both functionality and style. Melamine or acrylic dishes are great options for outdoor dining as they are lightweight and durable. Our Mario Luca Giusti Lente highballs and tumblers offer a truly unique look and are made from unbreakable crystal clear acrylic, perfect for entertaining around the pool. Also available in a large Salad Bowl or set of 6 snack bowls.

Mario Luca Giusti Lente

Melamine dinnerware is another popular choice as it is lightweight and easy to clean, making it ideal for picnics or backyard barbecues. Shown below is our popular Bamboo Chip & Dip Bowl, Blue Bamboo Dinner Plates (Set of 4), and Green Bamboo Lunch Plates (Set of 6).

For those looking for a more classic and versatile option, our ocean blue or crisp white enamel plates are the ideal choice for outdoor dining. Made from high-quality materials, these plates can withstand extreme heat and are great for use outdoors or indoors. They are perfect for casual gatherings or elegant outdoor dinner parties.

Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor entertaining space is all about choosing the right pieces. At The Pineapple Girls, we believe that outdoor furniture, decor, and dining pieces can all work together to create an inviting and stylish space. With these essentials, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the ultimate outdoor soirée.

Remember to shop Pineapples Palms Etc both in-store and online for quality furniture, gorgeous artwork, fun accessories, and more. Looking for more outdoor finds? Tap here to shop our entire outdoor collection.

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Spring Tabletop Inspiration 🌸

Spring Tabletop Inspiration 🌸

Photo: Brantley Photography

Spring is quickly approaching! For those of us who love to entertain, we know the season brings plans of springtime brunches, outdoor soirées, and of course Easter dinner. What better way to be ready to entertain this spring than with NEW dinnerware, table linens, and accessories. After all, spring is the time for new beginnings! Let’s look at Pineapples Palms Etc’s new offerings and spring tabletop inspiration!


Say hello to spring with new styles both in-store and online. We are pleased to welcome Abigails’ Casa Nuno Dinner Plates to our collection. A new take on an old tradition, these ceramic plates feature hand-painted designs influenced by the beautiful antique Portuguese and Spanish Talevera. With 4 designs in 3 beautiful colors, we recommend picking up multiple sets to mix and match for an elegant and unique tablescape.

Watch our Instagram Reel for tabletop inspiration with these dishes.

Abigails’ Casa Nuno Dinner Plates

2. napkins & napkin rings

Set a spectacular table with our selection of napkins and napkin rings. Back by popular demand is our Set of 4 Turtle Napkin Rings! These woven napkin rings are the perfect addition to a coastal table and pair beautifully with any color napkin. Use the scroller below to slide between two tabletop inspiration photos.

For a cool, coastal look, our Blue Batik Napkins (shown left) offer true simplicity. However, you can also style these napkin rings with soft pinks, greens, or whites such as our Fleurette Napkins.

For a more traditional tablescape, our Coral Napkin Rings exude coastal elegance. These rings feature finely crafted, faux coral atop an acrylic base. We often pair these with our fresh cotton White Fringe or Blue Fringe Napkins.

White Fringe Napkins and Coral Napkin Rings shown right with Ocean Plates and White Scallop Placemats.

3. home mixology

Of course, you can’t entertain without libations, and making the perfect cocktail calls for new accessories for your home bar! Also back in stock for a limited time are our popular Laguna Bar Accessories. This sophisticated barware is made from nickel with a navy blue leather grip or accent. Accessories in this collection are the Wine Cooler, Ice Tongs, Bar Tool Set, Cocktail Shaker, Condiment Set, and Bar/Cheese Tray. Don’t forget the napkins! Our new Cocktail Napkin Holders are the perfect completion for your bar cart. Guests will love the fun Martini Glass, Tennis Raquet, or Mahjong Card that sits on top.

Laguna Bar Tools
Martini Cocktail Napkin Holder

4. the centerpiece

A beautiful centerpiece will finish off your tablescape. Since spring is the time of year for flowers in full bloom, why not add some fresh flowers to your decor. However, fresh blooms would be nothing without a beautiful vessel to display them in. One of our favorites is the White Colorblock Flower Vase, originally a small mason jar redesigned for a contemporary look. Shop our entire collection of Jars, Vases, and Bowls here.

If fresh flowers aren’t for you, Pineapples Palms Etc also offers a collection of beautiful realistic florals. All of our faux florals are set in a glass vase with lifelike water and the best part? The beauty never fades so you can enjoy these faux blooms for years to come.

Shopping for tabletop that arrives in time for Easter? Our Easter Tabletop Collection features more of our favorite dinnerware and accessories, in stock and ready to ship.

Remember to shop Pineapples Palms Etc both in-store and online for quality furniture, gorgeous artwork, fun accessories, and more.

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7 Interior Design Tips For Your Home

7 Interior Design Tips For Your Home

Photo: Brantley Photography | Design: Pineapples Design Group

We all strive to have beautiful homes inspired by the design photo we saw on social media. However, without the help of a professional interior designer, it can be difficult to have success recreating this look in our own homes. That’s why The Pineapple Girls have compiled this list of our favorite design trends (and trends to avoid) in your own home.

Tap into your inner designer with these 7 Interior Design Tips for your home!


While printed fabrics and bold colors look amazing, skip on using these trending styles when selecting large furniture pieces. Choose simple colors or patterns for a timeless look and save the unique colors and designs for pillows or small accessories.

Shop Throw Pillows


Pay attention to the scale of your furniture. Your home may not look how you envisioned it because your furniture is the wrong size for the space. Avoid using bulky, oversized pieces in a smaller room even if it fits. The same is true with the opposite. Small furniture can look lost in a larger space with vaulted ceilings.


When shopping for new furniture, choose high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Inspect the quality of materials and construction. Choose craftsmanship that is a good value for your money and able to withstand the conditions of your home.

Kenian Bachelor Chest
Ponder Coffee Table
NEW Amherst Console


While modern furniture can be stylish, mixing in antiques will give your home a collected feel. Many make the mistake of hyper-focusing on trending design when the truth is homes can be an eclectic mix of traditional and modern styles. We now offer antique furniture pieces in our Jupiter, FL store. Be sure to stop in next time you are in town!


The use of symmetry in interior design is an easy way to elevate your home’s style. The best part is you can most likely do this right now using the accessories already in your home. You can achieve this look by having a focal point and then the same visual weight on either side. We often do this with artwork and a pair of table lamps or artwork and matching sconces.

Below are 2 beautiful examples of symmetry in the home.


Continuing on with the artwork in your home, it is important to pay attention to the height of your art or mirror. It can be easy to hang pieces too high or too low. Even in a home with vaulted ceilings, placing your art at a comfortable eye-level is best.

Shop our collection of coastal, nautical, and ocean-inspired artwork here.


Lastly, remember to think of your home as a whole when designing. Although separate rooms, each space should flow seamlessly together. You can achieve this by using the same paint color on trim or moldings throughout the house or by carrying the same flooring throughout any open spaces.

Looking for more design advice? We can help you shop for and create custom furnishings perfect for your luxury home using our E-Design Services. Click here for our E-Design Questionnaire and get started with one of our experienced interior designers who will help you create the home of your dreams!

Remember to shop Pineapples Palms Etc both in-store and online for quality furniture, gorgeous artwork, fun accessories, and more.

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Choosing The Best Living Room Furniture

Choosing The Best Living Room Furniture

Thinking about redesigning your living room? Whether you’re looking to do a total room refresh or update a few pieces of furniture, we have you covered. Here are Pineapples Palms tips for choosing the best living room furniture for your home.

Living Room Design by Pineapples Design Group. Photo Credit: Brantley Photography

1. Sofa vs Sectional

When furnishing a living room, we recommend starting with an amazing sofa or sectional and designing around that. A few thoughts to consider when choosing between a sofa or a sectional are: the size of your room, your style preference, and who will be using it. A traditional sofa is the better option for a smaller living space and can offer a more formal look, while sectionals are a great option for families who enjoy the cozy seating a sectional provides.

With either choice, you’ll want to consider fabric options and whether to go slipcovered or upholstered. The “Puddle Proof – Dove” fabric from our Coley Home Collection is a great choice for furniture in a high-traffic room. This crisp white stain repellant fabric will weather through red wine, messy hands, and paw prints.

Puddle Proof – Dove
Fabric Choice Available on all Coley Home Furniture.

2. Choose Additional Seating

For extra seating, we love easy to move options! A swivel chair can easily spin from the TV to facing the couch for some conversation. Both our Hadley Upholstered Swivel Chair and Nash Swivel Glider are great options that can be customized with your choice of fabric.

Ottomans and Poufs add additional seating in your living room and can effortlessly be moved wherever you need them. Ottomans are versatile enough to be used as seating, a footrest, or just a place to sit down a tray when you need it. The Coley Home Pouf features a dense foam core surrounded by plush fill, making is a sturdy but comfortable seat. It also serves as a comfortable footrest for the Nash Swivel Glider!

3. Add Your Accent Tables

When choosing the best living room furniture, you’ll want to finish the room by selecting accent tables including the coffee table, end tables, and console for below your TV or statement artwork. Continuing with our trend of custom pieces, the Nesbit Coffee Table offers a modern look while bringing a pop of color to your living room. The underside of this table can be finished with any Benjamin Moore Paint color.

Shown above is also the Ruth Side Table from Worlds Away. This table was thoughtfully designed with an Asian inspired chow leg base, natural cane door and drawer inlays, petite brass hardware, and matte white lacquer finish. Our entire selection of side tables, coffee tables, and living room cabinets are available to shop on our website.

We offer gorgeous living room furniture both in store and a wider selection online. If you’re not local or have more questions, we can help you shop for and create custom furnishings for your luxury home! Fill out our E-Design Questionnaire to connect with one of our experienced interior designers who will help you create the home of your dreams!

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“Behind The Design: Mountain Dining Reno”

🎄 Holiday Gift Ideas 🕎

Tis the season to shop, shop, shop and give, give, give! Treat your loved ones with these gift ideas unique to their lifestyle.

For the Traveler ✈️

These gift ideas are inspired by beautiful landmarks around the world or just perfect for taking with you on your travels!

The Gray Malin Acrylic Serving Trays forge Gray’s most iconic images from around the world with exceptional product design. Whether you are using this to serve your guests at your next cocktail party or simply as a decorative piece, it will become a beautiful centerpiece of your home that naturally absorbs light, making the imagery glow almost magically.

NEST New York partnered with internationally renowned fine art photographer Gray Malin to transport you to the stunning shores of St. Barths with this special-edition Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Classic Candle.

Your loved ones are sure to love the refreshing essence of a gentle ocean mist combined with hints of sea salt, white tea, and coconut. The exclusive candle is meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium wax formulated so the candle burns cleanly and evenly and infuses the atmosphere with exceptional scent. It is housed in a limited-edition hand-blown glass vessel, making each one’s blue striped design uniquely different for a work of art that can live on as a vase, vanity organizer, pen holder, and more.

Shop all our NEST New York candles & diffusers here.

Perfect Gifts for the Home 🏠

New home owners or newlyweds on your “to shop for” list? Photo frames, high quality glass and tableware make perfect presents. Bring nature into their home with hand-woven wicker weave rattan photo frames with your favorite photo of you or their family in it.

Always a classic, The Vino-Engraved Coordinates Glasses. Our on the rocks, wines, or beer pilsners are hand engraved with the precise coordinates of their first home, wedding venue, or special place will make their bar – and conversation – sparkle! *Must order by December 12th for Christmas Delivery.

Anything from the coastal chic inspired table setting above will brighten up the holidays for the host of the family. From the Reed Napkin Rings to the Set of 6 Mario Luca Giusti Highball Glasses, each high quality item is readily available to order on our website!

Shop our curated collection of dinnerware or napkins, rings, and placemats for the holidays.

For the Boho-Chic Babe in your Life 🌻

Every boho babe loves a good high quality candle. Our Bamboo Classic Candle featuring a removable handcrafted rattan sleeve adds textured boho style to their home as the exquisitely scented candle infuses the room with an iconic blend of white florals, an abundance of lush green notes, and hints of sparkling citrus. We also carry a Miami or Mykonos inspired candle that are just as b-e-a-utiful.

We also have natural material photo frames that you can leave empty or place a personal touch by adding your favorite photo of you and your loved one. For a more unique and artsy vibe, check out the coral sculpture and the blue Octopus Ceramic Bowl, both beautiful and beachy.

Looking for more inspiration? Ready, set, shop with our entire curated collection of holiday gift ideas at

Coastal Holiday Table Inspo ✨

Go Green this Year!

Green often symbolizes money, good luck, and health through the holidays and into the new year, and we carry a large selection of green dinnerware and linens! Pictured below is the Mepra Fantasia Flatware Set placed upon the Portofino Green Placemats and paired with our Bamboo Melamine Dinner and Lunch Plates. Atop are the Green Bamboo Napkins folded into a Cane Napkin Ring.

This setting is meant for both beauty and convenience. Melamine plates are easy to clean and come with their own storage box. The cutlery is Stainless Steel as well as 100% Dishwasher Safe. Napkins are machine washable and the placemat can be easily wiped to clean.

Another one of our favorite choices is the Green Scallop Dinnerware. From dinner plates to serving platters and bowls, these pieces feature a beautiful green scallop design on a hand-dipped, porcelain enamel finish. This tabletop is just as much practical as it is beautiful as the pieces are dishwasher safe. Even better, the Green Scallop Dinnerware is also 100% oven and stovetop safe, making keeping food warm and presentable easy.

A Blue Christmas, but in the Good Way….

Shades of blue are always a classic and stunning color theme to go with for the holidays. Our selection of blue table settings is vast and curated by our designers with your coastal home in mind.

Featured at this gorgeous table are the Ocean Dinner and Dessert Plates with white linen napkins adorned with the Navy Sea Stone Napkin Rings. The gorgeous floral centerpiece is a Blue and White Hydrangea Arrangement! We also offer a large selection of napkins that would fit a similar theme to this here.

Below you can see the details of the bold mixed blue design on the porcelain enamel finish of the Ocean Plates. Because these plates are hand-dipped, there will be variations in the shading of colors and pattern formations.

New & Noteworthy

We are excited to have just added to our online store the Addison Ross Bobbin Salt & Pepper Mill Grinders. Available your in choice of Chambray Blue, White, or Eau De Nil, these Salt & Pepper Mills will surely catch your guests’ eye. The bobbin shaped mills are made from solid Acacia wood fully FSC certified, finished with 20 coats of high gloss lacquer. As this is a set, you will get both the salt & pepper grinder mill!

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