How to Freshen up Any Room

Instead of major renovations to give a room a new, revitalized look, try freshening the room with something simpler. This is a great way to give a space of the home a makeover, without the toil and grief of major refurbishments. Often times, simple strategies are the most effective at making the room completely different, yet still comfortable.

Some ways that you can freshen up any room include:

Fresh Paint

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Giving your interiors a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in augmenting and transforming any space in the home. Look for natural, organic colors that reflect the beauty of the surrounding sea. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is a great option that will make your room look fresh and new. Paint your ceilings in the same light color to make the space appear taller and larger.


how to freshen up your home

In addition to paint, another inexpensive way to freshen up a room is with pillows. These can be used as accent pieces and will add a little pop to your room, especially if larger pieces of furniture are not in the budget.

Natural Floor Coverings

Natural Jute Woven Rug

Feel the Rug under your feet; is it comfortable and cohesive with your room? Try using natural colors to bring a clean, contemporary style to the space. For instance, the Natural Jute Woven Rug is a simple yet sophisticated way to revitalize any room. The nubby texture provides depth and interest, while the natural materials provide just the right comfort underfoot.

Updated Furniture

slipcovered sectional

Treat yourself to a new piece of furniture to give your space a fresh face. A new sofa, chair, or cocktail table can inspire a theme or color palette for the room; update a quality piece of furniture that reflects your natural surroundings and that coordinates with your style vision. Add a light-colored sofa or the above-pictured Nantucket Sectional to a family space, or bring a unique and vibrant occasional chair to your bedroom for a pop of color.

Freshen Up Your Home

Whether your space is a simple studio or a stunning house by the sea, you can freshen up any room with these three suggestions. Find cohesive and coordinating furnishings, fixtures, and accents to bring your style inspirations to fruition.  Try these simple strategies and give your home a fresh face for the coming season.

5 Beach House Must-Haves

A beach house should offer a magnificent feeling of freedom and openness in your home, while providing a comfortable, convenient space for you and your family. Even if your property isn’t right on the water, there are some intriguing must-have items that are suited to coastal living and that bring the sand and surf to mind whenever you enter your home.

Outdoor Slipcovered Sofa

outdoor slipcovered sofa

The durability of an outdoor sofa makes it a natural choice in a beach home, and these furnishings can be warmed up for the indoors with a slipcover. Consider covering your sofa with something that is neutral, to maintain the open, airy feeling of the space. An outdoor slipcovered sofa also makes it easy to clean and launder. A great choice that brings a coastal vibe to the home is the Cabana Outdoor Sofa, which is as stylish and comfortable inside as it is out.

Shatterproof Wine Glasses

shatterproof wine glasses

Everyone enjoys beautiful barware but this may be impractical on the beach. Consider using our  Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses to provide plenty of glasses without worrying over broken glass goblets. These stemless wine glasses demonstrate that you don’t have to compromise beauty for function, and our exclusive pineapple design is a welcoming symbol for your guests and melds with a coastal-inspired table.

Coastal Accent Items

coastal accents

A few personal and pretty accents bring your own flair to the home; consider some sea – inspired accents to stick with the oceanic aura. Keep these pieces to a minimum and select those that really speak to you and reflect your sense of style.

Whale Tale bookends
Whale Tale Bookends

Some great choices include simple Whale Tale bookends for displaying your favorite reads, the rustic ‘Jump in the Ocean’ Crates for stylish storage, or the Anchor Away Sculpture, which brings a modern chrome finish to a timeless conversation piece.

wood crate
Go Jump in the Ocean Crate

Coastal Pillows

custom coordinates pillow

Textiles and pillows are a great way to bring the colors of your space together. If you are using white on the walls, these items will provide you the opportunity to add some of your favorite pops of color in the home. The Custom Coordinates Newport Stripe pillows are perfect for creating your color theme, bringing just a bit of oceanic blue to your interiors. The personalized coordinates printed on the pillow add an intriguing detail reflecting your chosen location. Textured floor covering and neutral-toned rugs can also make a room seem larger, while providing the cozy comforts of home.

Outdoor Lighting

nickel lanterns

Use ambient accents to provide lighting in your home, while also bringing a coastal atmosphere to your interiors. Nickel lanterns are the perfect accent that provides ample ambient light for daily living, while bringing a vintage-style rusticity that complements clean, modern décor. Consider using dimmers, desk, and floor lamps to augment your ambient fixtures, and to add an additional layer and mood to your home.

Beach Home Must-Haves

A beach house embraces clean, light features which helps to create the open, airy atmosphere that reflects a home on the water. Avoid weighing down the space with clutter, and choose your accents and fixtures carefully. Keep a color palette in mind that reflects the sea- pale blues, greens, and whites. Be choosy and add a few favorite accents that will elevate your casual, coastal vibe into an elegant and sophisticated space that you are proud to show-off.


Modern Home Office Furniture Ideas 

More and more people are working from home and reaping the rewards of home-based business endeavors. Even if you only use your office space for a side-job, the kids’ study space, or a guest room, spruce it up with a few modern amenities that will create a functional, stylish area of your home.

Some must-have fixtures for your modern at-home office include these suggestions:

The Modern Office Desk

Modern Piper Desk

The focus of every home office is a modern desk, and there are many stylish options to suit your distinctive work needs. If you prefer a simple desk, without a lot of added storage, the Piper Desk is an elegant option. The sleek navy façade, chrome legs, and crystal drawer-pulls make this desk appealing enough to be a focal point in your office.

Bungalow 5 - Valentina Textured Lacquered Grasscloth Desk

If you prefer more storage space, the Bungalow 5 Valentina offers several roomy,  lacquered drawers that compliment the glass topped lacquered texture grasscloth finish to address your additional storage needs.

The lighting

Robert Abbey, Inc. - Bristol Adjustable Floor Easel

It is important to have enough light in your office since you may spend extended periods of time in this space. Metallic or industrial-inspired lighting gives your home office a modern, contemporary look. Consider using something like the Robert Abbey Bristol Adjustable Floor Easel, which allow you to amply-light a work space or display area for artwork, projects, or documents.

More storage

Bungalow 5 - Franki Textured Lacquered AV Cabinet

For more storage needs, cubby-style shelving in the office works well and provides quick access to necessary work supplies. For instance, the Bungalow 5- Franki Textured AV Cabinet offers cubbies and drawers, but it does not sacrifice style. The unique chrome- finish hardware gives the cabinet a fresh, modern appeal that will meld nicely with other contemporary office fixtures.

The flooring

Lakehouse Stripe Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Use a modern rug on your home-office floor for cohesion with your other furnishings and comfort under-foot. The Lakehouse Stripe Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a viable option, offering a neutral toned, floor-covering that is easy-to-care for, too. Made of superheroic polypropylene, this indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for bringing in the other accents of your creative space.

Modernize Your Home Office

Some other tips when making over or modernizing a home office are:

  • Segregate and seclude your workspace with some sort of divider, door, or partition for optimal privacy.
  • Keep your office space clutter-free to avoid visual distractions when you are trying to work.
  • Putting time and effort in your workspace is worthwhile, and it may make you more productive and more apt to spend time in your home office.

A home office is much more than a mere convenience; for many, it is an integral part of their family’s income. Money spent on making your office more convenient, functional, and comfortable is a prudent investment in today’s working climate.