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At The Pineapple Girls, we love helping you find unique and beautiful pieces to fill your home. This includes the perfect artwork to adorn the walls of your home. From our collection of coastal-inspired art to soft watercolors and captivating abstract paintings, we have options for every area of your home. Join us as we look through our favorite art choices for each room, turning your spaces into captivating works of art!


Let’s start with the entryway, as it’s the first place guests will see when they’re welcomed into your home. Perfect for this space is our newest arrival, the Royal Palm. A visual celebration of one of the most loved images in the world: the Palm Tree! Printed on fine art acid-free paper and framed in an acrylic box, the Royal Palm can be custom-colored to match your home design! We also adore the Watercolor Memory pairings for a bright and inviting look as soon as you walk in.

Royal Palm


Next on our list is the living room. Many living rooms have large walls just waiting to be filled with art! Consider pairing two complementary pieces such as our popular Concord I & Concord II. Alternatively, opt for a touch of nature with Frog Palace I & Frog Palace II. You can also embrace the abstract with our Seagrass Abstract pairings or Swimming Lessons pairings (as shown in the cover photo).

For captivating pieces that can stand out on their own, we recommend Drift Wood a framed Giclee on matte paper, or Divinity Art, both beautiful options ready to be the centerpiece in your home. If you didn’t know, the majority of our artwork can actually be custom sized to fit your space perfectly!

Drift Wood
Divinity Art


Dining rooms offer a versatile canvas for artistic expression, and the style you choose can define the ambiance of your meals. We love the use of botanicals to add a touch of nature and freshness, as seen in our blog: Mountain Dining Reno.

Swedish Botanicals (As Seen In “Mountain Dining Reno”)

However, for a coastal and bright dining space, consider options like On The Horizon a deep blue canvas seascape, or the captivating photographs by Slim Aarons. His mission was to photograph “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” and we are pleased to offer “Sea Drive 1967” and “Monte Carlo 1975.”

the bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and tranquility, and the art you choose can greatly impact your sense of peace. Artwork like our framed Double Snaps brings a serene vibe to your sleeping space. While one of our other favorites is the Gyotaku Fish Prints. Available in a variety of sizes and printed on different color linens, each piece is one of a kind, hand-painted from real fish. These add a unique touch of natural beauty to your bedroom decor.


Lastly, let’s look at art for a home office. For an office or workspace, choose art that’s inspiring and motivating, setting the tone for productive workdays. Poolside II is a bright and uplifting option that will infuse your office with sunshine and positivity. For a contrasting piece, we recommend Vintage Surf Wagon. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with an abstract masterpiece like Cool Burst I or II to channel your creativity.

Transforming your home with art has never been more exciting! Let your walls tell a story, and infuse your living spaces with the charm and character that only exquisite artwork can bring. To explore more artwork options, visit us in person at our Jupiter, FL store, or shop our entire online collection of art at

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