Transitioning Your Home From Summer To Fall

As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to embrace the cozy and inviting atmosphere of fall within your home. Transitioning your home from the summer heat to the comfort of fall is a delightful task, and the Pineapple Girls are here to guide you through it! So, let’s dive into the world of fall-inspired interior design and discover how you can create an inviting, cozy atmosphere for the upcoming season.

Warm Colors & Textures

Firstly, let’s start with one of the most effective ways to transition your home from summer to fall. By introducing warm colors and textures into your decor. Rich, earthy tones like rattan, burnt oranges, and gold and brass instantly evoke a sense of autumn. Displayed below are our exquisite decor pieces, including a Set of 3 Rattan Fill Balls, an Orange Scalloped Tray, and a Gold Knot Sculpture.

If you have your sights set on refreshing your furniture collection, we highly recommend exploring our latest additions! Our array of new benches, chairs, and cabinets promises to elevate your style this fall and throughout the entire year. Among our notable new arrivals is the Anisa Storage Bench in natural oak, crafted with charming rattan cane panels. Additionally, we have the Tegal Rattan Chair, available in both Natural and Navy and also offered in a bench style, and our stunning Santos Sea Sand Cabinet.

Anisa Storage Bench
Tegal Rattan Chair – Navy
Santos Sea Sand Cabinet


Next, let’s talk about layering. Layering throws is a key technique to make your home feel warm and welcoming during the fall season. Our Countryside Comfort Green Throws are a perfect addition to your layering strategy. Available in Herringbone or Lattice patterns, these throws provide warmth and add visual texture to your sofa, chair, or bed.

Additionally, the Gray Stripe Tassel Throw and White Tassel Throw are ideal for cozy nights or draping over a sofa. They are hand-loomed, which means slight variations in weaving and color are inherent to the beauty of their handmade quality.

Candles & Lighting

As the days get shorter, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with lighting becomes crucial. Swap out bright, cool-toned bulbs for warmer, softer ones. Enhance the ambiance by incorporating candles in various sizes and shapes. Our Baobab Odyssée Ulysse Scented Candle offers an enticing mix of cedar tree and lavender scent making it a great choice for fall. Alternatively, our NEST New York Rattan candles & diffusers are a popular option all year-round. You can also consider placing your favorite candles in decorative holders or lanterns to add an extra layer of style to your space.

Updated Table Settings

Updating your table settings is another fantastic way to usher in the fall season. Swap out your summer-themed dinnerware for ones that feature fall motifs or colors. Consider neutral-toned dishes and rustic placemats to instantly transform your dining area. Shown below are our Chambray Blue Large Scallop Placemats and Calaisio Woven White Bead Placemats and Napkin Rings – all sold in a set of 4.

Fireplace & Mantel Decor

Finally, if you’re fortunate to have a fireplace, elevate it as the centerpiece of your autumn decor. Create an inviting focal point by combining fall florals and pumpkins with carefully chosen decorative items like photo frames, trays, or stylish accessories. Utilize the available space adjacent to the fireplace with tasteful baskets. And, finally, light a snug fire to fully immerse yourself in the cozy embrace of fall!

Palecek Kenis Braided Rectangular Tray
Davao Baskets – Set of 3

Transitioning your home from summer to fall involves infusing your space with warm colors and cozy textures. With the right elements and a touch of creativity, you can create an atmosphere that welcomes the autumn season! So, embrace the beauty of fall, and let your interior design reflect the warmth and comfort of this enchanting season.  

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