5 Bathroom Design Ideas

Spring is in full bloom and with everything fresh and new, the season may have you longing for new design in your home. A favorite room to freshen up with new design is the bathroom. Join us as we look through 5 Bathroom Designs by The Pineapple Girls that will have you ready to breathe new life into your guest or main bathroom.

We’ll take a close look at all the exceptional details that make each design truly unique. From the captivating mirrors that reflect both functionality and beauty, to the elegant sconces that provide the perfect lighting ambiance, and the carefully chosen wallpaper that adds a touch of personality and charm, we’re here to guide you through every aspect of these inspiring bathrooms.


Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Versailles Wall Mirror

Wallpaper: “Pomegranate” by Galbraith & Paul

Step into luxury with this exquisite powder room design that effortlessly blends classic elegance with a contemporary twist. For the focal point of this captivating space, we chose the magnificent Versailles Wall Mirror. This non-beveled, hand-welded iron mirror commands attention with its distressed gold leaf finish. As you gaze upon your reflection in the mirror, you can’t help but notice how it beautifully pops against the backdrop of Galbraith & Paul‘s stunning pomegranate wallpaper.

2. tranquil oasis

Photo: Brantley Photography

Sconce: Coastal Living Bimini Sconce

Wallpaper: “Pass-A-Grille” by Thibaut Design

Create a tranquil oasis with this refreshing green and white bathroom design. The crisp white vanity serves as the perfect canvas for the mesmerizing Pass-a-Grille wallpaper by Thibaut Design. However, our favorite detail is the addition of the chic Coastal Living Bimini Sconce. With its natural woven rattan, the sconce effortlessly captures a “washed ashore” aesthetic. The looped detailing adds a nautical touch, reminiscent of rope found on a sailboat, while the natural linen shade provides a soft and inviting glow.

3. coastal blues

Mirror: Arteriors’ Madden Round Mirror

Sconce: Katie Small Acorn Sconce

Wallpaper: Cabana Stripe Ribbon Paper by Palm Orleans

This captivating blue powder room was designed to evoke a sense of coastal charm. Anchoring the space is the Arteriors’ Madden Round Mirror. This brilliant mirror hovers ever-so-slightly against the wall, creating an illusion of depth. Supported by two nickel brackets, the large round plain glass mirror appears almost flush with the wall, offering a seamless and streamlined look.

Complementing the mirror is the Katie Small Acorn Sconce. With its polished nickel finish and white glass, the sconce adds a touch of sophistication while providing a soft and inviting glow. To complete the ensemble, we chose the Cabana Stripe Ribbon Paper by Palm Orleans. This striking wallpaper features 2″ hand-painted brushstrokes, creating a classic stripe pattern reminiscent of a seaside retreat. The design elements in this powder room truly offer coastal ambiance.

4. feminine retreat

Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Selene Mirror

Sconce: Alberto Sconce

Next up, we offer the ultimate feminine retreat with this enchanting blush pink bathroom. With a blush vanity and a patterned pink wallpaper, this is a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. To enhance the allure, we chose the Selene Mirror, a large wall mirror distinguished by its unique quatrefoil-inspired shape and richly textured resin frame. Complementing the mirror is the matte white Alberto Sconce. With a lotus flower light socket, this sconce is the perfect elegant touch. For a charming finish to this sanctuary, we added a small light pink tulip arrangement. These 15 faux fresh tulips are permanently set in a clear acrylic “water” solution and encased in a clear rectangle vase.

5. coral cove

Photo: Brantley Photography

Mirror: Ophelia Wall Mirror

Sconce: Nantucket Sconce

And finally, for our last bathroom design, we welcome you to the guest bathroom of the “Cove of Southern Charm” project, where coastal living meets modern sophistication. In this design, we adorned the walls with a captivating blue geometric wallpaper. To add to the coastal vibe, we selected the Nantucket Sconce, featuring an intricate handwoven rattan shade as its focal point. This unique sconce brings artisanal craftsmanship and a hint of beachy vibes, making it a perfect addition to the bathroom decor.

However, the true showstopper in this design is the Ophelia Wall Mirror. Crafted with a cast-plaster frame that mimics the organic beauty of real branch coral, this unique mirror is the star of the show with its bold and textural presence. The Ophelia Wall Mirror truly completes this guest bathroom, infusing it with coastal charm.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious powder room, a coastal retreat, or a feminine sanctuary, we hope you were inspired by these bathroom designs by Pineapples Design Group. We invite you to explore our wide selection of mirrors, light fixtures, and decor online or in person at Pineapples Palms Etc.

Let us help you transform your home into a haven of beauty and sophistication. If you’re looking for further design assistance, we offer nationwide e-design services to bring your dream spaces to life.

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