5 Ways To Update Your Coastal Inspired Home For The Season

January makes us think of renewal and a fresh start. While full-scale home renovations are fun, sometimes even small changes can make your home feel new.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to update your beach house without breaking the bank:

1Throw Pillows. Adding new pillows to your sofas and chairs is a tried and true way to freshen up your decor! The Pineapple Girls love luxurious, overstuffed pillows like the ones below that were designed by John Robshaw.


Add a piece of artwork.  The right piece of art can transform a space.  We love a crisp, white room…but art can add a nice pop of color. Art can also show personality and spark fun conversation!

Interior Design by Pineapples, Palms, Etc.

3Add a statement chandelier.  With so many beautiful options for lighting, a beaded or rope chandelier can add a subtle, modern coastal touch to classic decor.


4Update your rugs.  Switching out your area rugs is a simple and powerful way to add texture and layers to a space. Rugs are also a great way to cover up wear and tear on your flooring until you are able to replace the floors.

Interior Design by Pineapples, Palms, Etc.

5Rearrange furniture.  Changing your furniture around or even moving pieces from room to room will make your beach house feel like a new space! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest, check out our Design Tips & Tricks board for layout ideas and tricks.

white accent chair
Interior Design by Pineapples, Palms, Etc.

Beach House Decorating Ideas

The goal of many beach house decorating ideas is to give your space an airy, effortless style. There are some key décor elements that embrace this way of living, and bring a contemporary coastal style to your home year-round, all seasons.

Chic ideas for your coastal-inspired décor include:

Pleasing paradoxes.

Many beach house decorating ideas embrace unique paradoxes and contrasting elements. For instance, the merging of wide, unadorned windows with casual slipcovered furniture. Pair patterns and prints that have a common feature, such as a color, and mix and match throughout your beach-inspired home. Modern glass and vintage teak pieces create a relaxed coastal look, with an inspired, yet ironic, flair.

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Making magic.

outdoor lighting lanterns

Shimmering metallic accents and airy gauzy textiles create an ethereal, almost magical, atmosphere in your home.  Mix in nickel fixtures with crisp white countertops in either quartz or marble, and choose light, nubby linen for furnishings, window treatment, or throws throughout the space. When illuminated in candle-light or the setting-sun over the sea, your home will transform into a fresh, restorative sanctuary.

Tempting textures.

Look for elements that bring warmth to your coastal home, especially in cooler weather. Throws, pillows, and even the fabrics of your sofa or chairs contribute to creating warm sensations in your beach-inspired vision. Make spots welcoming and inviting, from the spaces in front of a fireplace to a patch of sand outside where you watch the stars. Toss large, cotton pillows and thick, nubby throws for comfort and an effortless style.

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Coastal colors.

coastal decor fish prints

A great coastal color palette includes all shades of blue, crisp whites, gray, green, as well as neutrals.   These hues basically echo the colors seen in nature, or along a stretch of beach. Keep wall treatments light to reflect light and make the room appear larger and higher; keep floors covered simply, with cotton coverings or tiled surfaces. Exposed wood flooring makes a convenient, easy-to-maintain surface for those homes that are near or exposed to water.

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Family-friendly furniture.

slipcovered chair

The underlying theme of a coastal home is comfort and convenience. The elegant factor comes from the simplicity and clean aspects of these oceanic spaces. Buy pieces that are comfortable for sitting, dining, and living, but also that will be easy to clean and maintain.  This includes cotton slip-covers and crisp linen window panels.

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Airy accents.

coastal decor wood whale

Invest in a few coastal-inspired accents that really embrace the look and feel that you are looking for. This might be a large wood whale cutting board, for a dramatic display,  or it could be a shimmering nickel anchor that accents your built in or side table. Reclaimed wood picture frames with family and friends’ photos lining your hallway also gives your home a warm comfortable, lived-in coastal feel. Carved stone also suits a coastal scheme and brings a cool, contemporary look to a simple beach-inspired space.

Now, put it all together:

  • Pair elegant accents on weathered-wood furnishings for an appealing contrast in coastal schemes.
  • Mix and match textiles and tie them together with a common color or print, and use them liberally throughout your home.
  • Keep schemes simple and choose accents carefully to maintain the easy, effortless nature of beach-inspired décor.

There is something serene and satisfying about a room or space that is inspired by nature, especially when it echoes a coastal theme. Try these beach house decorating ideas in your own home to transform it into the seaside cottage of your dreams.