How To Choose Artwork For Your Coastal Home

Art is a great way to express yourself and give a space personality. The right piece of artwork can transform a space. When choosing a piece of art for your home, think about the following:

  1. Mood: Think about what mood you want to create. Perhaps you want a relaxing and comfortable space, something more sophisticated, or a buttoned-up, formal look.
  2. Space: What look do you want?  Transitional? Something modern? Or coastal and clean?
  3. Location: Look at your walls and furniture and decide where the art will be placed. Popular locations for artwork are over a sofa, bed or console. Think about whether you want one large piece of art or a grouping of smaller pieces.


When choosing artwork for your home, think about what style you want to achieve. Do you like landscapes, abstract or soft watercolors?  Photography, shadowbox art or paintings? For a coastal look, consider using art that features organic, natural elements like the art in the photo below.

The Pineapple Girls love using whites, blues and seaglass hues in the coastal homes we design. Crisp, white slipcovered furniture and white accessories can act as great canvas, and art is placed to add some color.

Finally, when hanging your art, make sure to hang it in a comfortable spot, where the art is eye-level. One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging art is to hang it too high. A general rule is to hang the art so that the middle of the piece is at 57″ high.


Blue Seaweed Crop // Fluid Contract //

Gyotaku Fish Print // Barclay Butera Starfish // Deep Dive

Blue Seaweed // Mediterranean Boats //

Silver Leafed Shell // Gyotaku Fish Linen

2016 Color of the Year

Color Of The Year 2016 Simply White

The color of the year for 2016 is Simply White; simple, clean, and contemporary, white gives any space an open, airy feeling. Whether you are planning to paint the rooms of your home, or if you are looking for distinctive furnishings in a fresh color, White is always a great choice. This hue will meld with your existing furnishings, or can be used as the color palate for a makeover that will give your home an instant update, creating a fresher, lighter look.

Try these ideas when integrating 2016’s Color of the Year Simply White into your interiors:

Fresh focal points.

ceramic vase

A great way to compliment your white space is to carefully select a focal point. This could be a great white sofa or a collection of  classic blue and white jars or urns.

Table lamps.

Bimini Table LampNew lighting is a great way to pull together the colors or style of your room cohesively. In a white makeover, opt for modern white ceramic lamps or cool vintage pendant lights with white or chrome accents. Remember to consider the type of illumination you want in your rooms, too. Choose either warm white bulbs for a soft glow in the space, or a cool white bulb when you want an invigorating, energizing type of light.

Reclaimed wood beams and furniture.

Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 Aura Matte
Image source: Benjamin Moore

Combining hand hewn beams, or reclaimed wood  furniture will add interest and texture to your white walls and white slipcovered furniture.  Be sure to paint the ceilings and woodwork with a complementary shade of white for a clean, linear look in your space.

Shop our reclaimed wood coffee table to get a textured look.

Lots of layers.

Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 Aura Matte
Image Source: Benjamin Moore

With so many different shades of white to choose from, you can create a layered look using various whites in your fixtures, furnishings, and floors. From creamy ivory canvas to crisp white cottons and linens, bring in different variations of your white color scheme to bring depth and dimension to the space, which can warm up stark white interiors.

Fun and functional furnishings.

white living room furniture
Two white sofas against a “Simply White” wall in the Pineapples, Palms Too retail store.

Furniture is so much more than simply a place to rest and recuperate after a long day; the type of furniture that you have in your space says a lot about your style. White furnishings- sofas, chairs, and sectionals- can become a blank slate for you to add pops of color, intricate patterns, or sumptuous throws to create an alluring seating arrangement.

Some other ways to integrate white in your interiors include:

  • Lighten up the room with white window treatments that allow natural light into the home.
  • Integrate shiplap millwork and custom trims around your room, such as moldings or hardware, and paint them white to provide a distinct border to your space.
  • White washed pine wood flooring can look crisp and fresh, and provides the perfect foundation for your white room scheme. Use bold striped rugs or carpets to protect natural wood floors, and provide a pop of color to your space.

Love white? Check out this book, Brilliant White in Design, that examines the spectrum of colors and talents inherent in white, exploring how it is used, and viewed, in art, design, architecture, and nature.