Fall Decorating Ideas for Coastal Living

If you have embraced a coastal way of living, your home likely reflects the clean, crisp feel of a chic, or casual design style. Each element in your home, from teak furnishings to cotton furniture slipcovers, contributes to the light, airy feeling that coastal living embodies. With fall approaching, you need only make minor tweaks to your current scheme to transition to cooler weather.

Some fall decorating tips for your coastal lifestyle include:

Get Cozy at the Beach with Throws & Pillows

coastal throws and pillows

A useful accent for your fall design schemes might include lots of cotton or throws and pillows to keep the autumnal chill away. Look for vibrant blues, clean whites, and patterned variations that integrate the colors of your coastal-inspired home.  Carry the blue hues throughout your scheme with a cotton Brahms Mount throw in soft white & shore colors. Check out textured throws to add warmth and visual interest to these simple accent items; mix and match patterned pillows to give your room a fun, but pulled together designer look.  These are perfect to drag down to the beach for an evening bonfire this fall, too!

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Bring the Outside in with Awesome Porch Decor

porch decor

Bring the outside in with awesome porch and patio décor, and use lanterns to create a cozy, comfortable outside living space.  These bring just the right amount of ambiance to the exterior spaces that you enjoy spending time in. This gives you the opportunity to implement, oversized pillows, and linens that meld with the look of your coastal surroundings, while also embracing the crisp, modern look of a contemporary coastal home. Weathered teak wood is a natural choice for a porch, patio, or lanai, and it complements marine blue, linen white, and navy perfectly. Be sure to choose fixtures and accents that can hold up to the chill of fall, and that will keep you comfortable during this cooler time of the year.

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Accessorize Seating Areas with Coastal Decor

coastal decor accessories

Often times, it is the simple things that create the mood and atmosphere of your room so accessorize accordingly. It is easy to get carried away with accents, but keeping the space a bit sparse can lend to the airy, sophisticated designs that work great on the coast, but also in other regions, when looking for a casual, crisp, and comfortable space. Use color and texture to convey a coastal vibe in a chic way, and to warm up the space during cooler months. Take the opportunity to extend your look through the necessary features of the space, such as the floor coverings, window treatments, and furnishings. Look for clean lines and natural materials to recreate a design that is as functional as it is stylish.

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There is plenty of Power in Flowers

coastal occasional chairs

Fresh plants and flowers have the ability to brighten up any area and add a bit of life to your space. Use the vessel or planter to echo the color scheme of your coastal-inspired space, and look for plants that promise to thrive and bloom in the autumnal weather. Even a simple ivy or orchid provide oxygen and a healthy accent to the home, giving it a summery touch year-round. Try bringing your outdoor plants indoors during cooler seasons, but don’t overwhelm the interiors with foliage that will require a lot of sun and that could crowd or obscure the natural light coming in through the windows.

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Slide a Coastal Slip Cover Over Your Favorite Nook Chairs

coastal slipcovered chairs

Slide a colorful cotton or linen slipcover over your favorite nook chairs to transform them from simple seating implements to coordinating fixtures of your coastal lifestyle. This is a simple fix for mismatched furnishings or second-hand finds, and also ensures you will always have ample seating for entertaining and guests at a moment’s notice.

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Embrace the coming season and enjoy fall in a coastal setting with these design tips. With the right furnishings, features, and accents, your home will reflect and exude a day at the beach all year long!

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