The Ultimate Coastal Pumpkin Decoration

Traditional autumnal color schemes- browns, yellows, and reds- don’t always work in a modern, beach-inspired space. The clean colors of a chic coastal home, such as blue and white, often clash with the conventional pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns found during this spooky time of the year. There are some ways to adapt your Halloween decorating to meld well with your coastal style, and that will still bring a holiday touch to your decor this fall.

Some ways to create coastal-inspired pumpkins and décor include:


Decoupage Pumpkin

Decoupage is an excellent way to change the looks of an ordinary pumpkin, without losing the autumnal flavor that these gourds possess. Soaking strips of paper, foil, or even fall leaves in decoupage glue, which dries clear, allows you to place them securely on the pumpkin shell. Use scraps of wallpaper, or fabric,  that embody your home’s color scheme to make a cohesive accent that you will be proud to display in your home.

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Nautical Carvings.

Coastal Pumpkins
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If you are able to find a white pumpkin (or want to paint one), give it a coastal look by carving a starfish or other sea creature design instead of traditional Halloween carvings. Glue small seashells in the shape of an anchor or other nautical symbol, and use natural moss around the stem. These will reflect the soothing, tranquil style of your  home, while also paying homage to the Halloween holiday.

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Pumpkin ideas

We created this look with chevron patterned duct tape and high gloss enamel white paint to use as a store display. It works perfectly with our white slipcovered sofas and blue and white patterned pillows that perfectly melds the two styles creating a relaxed coastal style.


coastal pumpkin ideasPerhaps the simplest treatment for a beach-inspired pumpkin is paint; you may choose to paint them all-white, blue, or other ocean-inspired shade. Leave the stem unpainted, and allow to fully dry. A bright, oceanic blue makes a great accent when displayed in pairs on your patio, lanai, or tabletop.

Another idea is to use paint-pens to create designs over the entire shell of your pumpkin. Use each segment of the pumpkin for a different pattern with black, blue, or metallic pens to create a cohesive collage.

Happy Halloween!

For a cool and cohesive autumnal accent that will enhance your South Florida style, try some of these unique treatments for the conventional pumpkin. This traditional symbol of the season gets a contemporary, coastal-inspired makeover with these fun and easy ideas. Furthermore, these beachy accents will bring a bit of fall flavor to your home décor, without clashing or conflicting with your current schemes and design themes.

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