Modern Home Office Furniture Ideas 

More and more people are working from home and reaping the rewards of home-based business endeavors. Even if you only use your office space for a side-job, the kids’ study space, or a guest room, spruce it up with a few modern amenities that will create a functional, stylish area of your home.

Some must-have fixtures for your modern at-home office include these suggestions:

The Modern Office Desk

Modern Piper Desk

The focus of every home office is a modern desk, and there are many stylish options to suit your distinctive work needs. If you prefer a simple desk, without a lot of added storage, the Piper Desk is an elegant option. The sleek navy façade, chrome legs, and crystal drawer-pulls make this desk appealing enough to be a focal point in your office.

Bungalow 5 - Valentina Textured Lacquered Grasscloth Desk

If you prefer more storage space, the Bungalow 5 Valentina offers several roomy,  lacquered drawers that compliment the glass topped lacquered texture grasscloth finish to address your additional storage needs.

The lighting

Robert Abbey, Inc. - Bristol Adjustable Floor Easel

It is important to have enough light in your office since you may spend extended periods of time in this space. Metallic or industrial-inspired lighting gives your home office a modern, contemporary look. Consider using something like the Robert Abbey Bristol Adjustable Floor Easel, which allow you to amply-light a work space or display area for artwork, projects, or documents.

More storage

Bungalow 5 - Franki Textured Lacquered AV Cabinet

For more storage needs, cubby-style shelving in the office works well and provides quick access to necessary work supplies. For instance, the Bungalow 5- Franki Textured AV Cabinet offers cubbies and drawers, but it does not sacrifice style. The unique chrome- finish hardware gives the cabinet a fresh, modern appeal that will meld nicely with other contemporary office fixtures.

The flooring

Lakehouse Stripe Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Use a modern rug on your home-office floor for cohesion with your other furnishings and comfort under-foot. The Lakehouse Stripe Khaki/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a viable option, offering a neutral toned, floor-covering that is easy-to-care for, too. Made of superheroic polypropylene, this indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for bringing in the other accents of your creative space.

Modernize Your Home Office

Some other tips when making over or modernizing a home office are:

  • Segregate and seclude your workspace with some sort of divider, door, or partition for optimal privacy.
  • Keep your office space clutter-free to avoid visual distractions when you are trying to work.
  • Putting time and effort in your workspace is worthwhile, and it may make you more productive and more apt to spend time in your home office.

A home office is much more than a mere convenience; for many, it is an integral part of their family’s income. Money spent on making your office more convenient, functional, and comfortable is a prudent investment in today’s working climate.

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