Celebrating Every Day

Celebration is a common theme in the lives of The Pineapple Girls.  Maybe it’s because we’ve become family over the years.  From birthdays and anniversaries to first words and first steps, we thrive on finding life’s moments worth commemorating.


Today we’re celebrating a big step:  the launch of our new website, Pineapples, Palms Too.  For years, our customers have been asking us to build a website so they could access our designs and products for their homes in, and outside of, Florida.  We have taken great care (and time) to get as close as possible to duplicating the very personal  experience of shopping in our store… and now we are celebrating!

What will you find in our website?  Continually new and fresh finds from market, pulled together in the most inventive ways by our creative “family”


Each one of us has individual aesthetic that intersects at something truly unique for our customers.  What we all share is a passion for finding something that hasn’t been seen or done before – new sources and fresh perspectives.

There’s no question that being located in the Palm Beach area is an inspiration in itself.  Cobalt skies, aqua seas, white sand and coral beaches are just a few of the things that inspire us.  But the real gift of being in South Florida is the many friends we’ve made from around the country.  We’ve loved decorating your coastal homes, as well as your homes outside of Florida.

DSC00158            DSC00107

Here, we’re sharing our home in your home.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Congratulations on the new site! I couldn’t be more excited to start shopping!!

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