Wedding Gift Round-Up

It’s wedding season! A wedding is such a happy event, but finding a truly special gift for the newlyweds can be challenging.  Below are some Pineapple Girls favorites.

Coordinates Glasses

Your gift should be as special as their love! Give a gift they will forever cherish. Our unique Coordinate Stemless Wines, On the Rocks, or Beer Pilsners can be customized with the exact coordinates of where he proposed, where they got married, or the special destination they choose for their honeymoon. They also make the perfect gift for the bridal party, or wedding favor for all the guests to remember their special day.


Express Yourself Pillows

Such a sweet addition to a newlywed’s home, these flour sack pillows with down inserts are sure to delight. Perfect on the bed, sofa or a chair.

Michael Aram Heart Frame (8×10)

The Heart Collection, by Michael Aram, takes its inspiration from the imagery that floats around classic storytelling. “These heart vessels are all unique as they are hand forged and cut. There is an individuality to each piece, just as our hearts and expressions of love are different from person to person, from moment to moment. I love the idea of honoring our history with someone as much as our present and our futures. There is beauty in paying homage not only to what came before at the same time as dreaming of what lies ahead, while capturing the celebratory moment you are in. They represent Then, Now, and Forever!”


Brahms  Mount Throw

Something blue and perfect! A true classic, with a twist, from Brahms Mount. Their iconic cotton throw features a large-scale herringbone pattern finished with a flourish of hand-twisted and knotted rope fringe and their iconic selvedge (a beautiful byproduct of the antique loom it’s woven on). Dense, luxurious, plush and practical.


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