Kid & Pet Friendly Home Decor

Is it possible to have a stylish home with young children and pets living there? We say yes! Here are a few of our best tips when designing a space with little (or furry) ones in mind.

There are so many great outdoor fabric options now, and these also work well indoors. These fabrics resist moisture and most stains. Other stain resistant fabrics like denim and canvas work well, too.

A great place to use the outdoor fabric is in the kitchen…on barstools, benches or banquettes.  Indoor/Outdoor fabrics have improved dramatically, with a softer feel and great looking textures.

The Pineapple Girls love slipcovers, they are so easy to throw in the washing machine! Don’t be afraid to use a light color, even white! You can bleach them.

Durable flooring is important for homes with kids and dogs.  Some ceramic tile has the look of hardwood, but is maintenance free, and a great choice.  Add an indoor/outdoor area rug to get the style your looking for, and they are super easy to clean!

Try to avoid hard edges on the tables. We love round dining tables!  Better for fun conversation at family dinners.

Finally, choose a washable good quality paint to easily remove scuffs and little hand prints.






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